Major Paint Correction

This package is our two-stage paint correction system aiming to remove at least 80% of scratches, marring and oxidation in a two-step correcting process. Adding gloss and clarity is the goal.

With this correction, we are aiming to remove about 85% of the defects from your paint and leave a dramatically improved surface. We use a cutting compound to remove swirls, scratches, and random isolated defects from the vehicles clear coat.

We follow this with a polishing step to remove effects of the cutting stage finishing to a high gloss that is reflective and clear.

Once the polishing stages are complete, we apply a high-quality professional grade ceramic coat (2-year) to all painted surfaces to lock in the spectacular finish.

Before Image of Jaguar XK8After detailing Image of Jaguar XK8

Full Process

  • Clean wheels and wheel well areas with dedicated gentle cleaners

  • Clean door jam/shuts by hand

  • Exhaust tips cleaned by hand

  • Rinse entire vehicle to remove loose dirt

  • We Pre-treat lower half of vehicle using a citrus-based cleaner

  • Pre-wash entire car with a PH neutral snow foam

  • Chemically decontaminate the car to remove Iron, Tar, and other road films

  • Paintwork is mechanically decontaminated to remove bonded contaminants using a clay bar

  • Give the car a proper two bucket hand wash with a PH neutral shampoo

  • We carefully dry the car with a specialized microfibre towel

  • Use our Panel prep solution to wipe the whole car to prepare it for our enhancement polish system

  • Taping or masking of sensitive areas to protect them during the polishing stage.

  • Polish all paint surfaces to a high close finish

  • Use our Panel prep solution to wipe the whole car in preparation for LSP (last step product; e.g. wax).

  • Exterior paint work is protected with CarPro CQuartz Lite ceramic protection to lock in that shine and add depth (Included In price)


  • Exterior trims are dressed

  • Cleaning of all glass surfaces – inside and out

  • Tires are dressed with rubber preserving product

  • Interior plastics and panels are dusted and given a light cleaning

  • Light cleaning of leather or fabric seats

  • Full interior vacuuming of carpets including trunk area

  • Vacuuming and light cleaning of spare tire area

  • Cleaning of floor mats

Recommended Upgrades:

  • Fireball Silla Ceramic Protection – Up to 5 years ceramic protection. from $800

  • Wheel Protection: On Car ($xxx), Off Car ($xxx). Add Calipers for an additional fee of $xx

  • Rain Repellent Class Coating: from $150

  • Leather Coating -from $350

  • Interior Fabric coating – from $100

  • Engine bay detail – from $100

  • Convertible hood cleaning & protection – from $100

  • Leatherique Leather treatment: from $200

Price starts at

$call for a quote
  • Time Taken 2-3 days


Services and Ceramic protection

Services and Ceramic protection

See our services and ceramic protection menus for list of available treatments that can be performed on your car. All our quotes are stated as “from” because not all cars are the same. The size of car, level of paint imperfections, how soiled the interior is, dictates the combination of treatments and time needed to achieved desired results.

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